Founded in 1997, NeoFreeze Refrigeration Enterprise Company is a leading manufacturer of refrigeration equipment and stainless steel products in Taiwan. Headquartered in the Tucheng District of New Taipei City, NeoFreeze is among the few domestic professionals that specialize in refrigeration technology.

Our company focuses on the production and development of refrigeration products, regularly servicing the hospitality industry, hotels and restaurants as well as some bio-medical institutions. Many of these domestic and international clients require and appreciate our expertise and ability to offer customized cooling and freezing designs and solutions.

NeoFreeze has always strived to enhance and improve their products. As a result, they continuously export their merchandise to the United States, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam, among others. The steady growth of NeoFreeze’s annual export volume is proof of how our products consistently meet international standards.

In order to service the vast restaurant market of mainland China, we established Elegance Refrigeration Corporation in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province in 2009. That branch is mainly responsible for assembly, production, sales, and servicing as well as for marketing NeoFreeze’s high-quality refrigeration equipment: blast freezers, electrostatic refrigerators, distribution logistics equipment and other energy-saving equipment. The entrepreneurial spirit of NeoFreeze provides the food and beverage industry of China with better quality products and services, in keeping with the company’s motto of "Quality First for Complete Customer Satisfaction".